What Coping Skills Help You When Traveling?
Man sitting in terminal looking out window to see airplane taking off

Man sitting in terminal looking out window to see airplane taking off

Issue 16’s Big Question
What coping skills or accommodations help you/ and or your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder when traveling?

Gretchen McIntire, our Guest Editor, asked this question to the #ActuallyAutistic Community on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m pretty cool with travelling but I’ll always appreciate someone showing me how to buy then use train tickets, because I’m scared I’ll mess it up. Planes I hate with a passion. I have noise cancelling earphones and a comfort object (could be a fidget toy) on me, usually.”

Holly, @blukodibear

“Always have an exit strategy”

Sandi, @sandyquill

“Researching the locations I’m traveling to. If it’s a business or someone’s home, Google maps is extremely helpful as I can view details about the street, parking, etc. Also helpful are the photos of businesses, reviews, and Q&A section. Ultimately, the key is preparedness.”

Katie, @K8EMusic

“When my son was younger he really liked me to lay out step by step where we were going & we would repeat it over & over in the car. Now, at 21 yrs old, he likes to know where we are going and what we’re doing there—aka how long this is gonna take.

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