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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is changing the way it approves medicines known as ‘orphan drugs’ after revelations that drugmakers may be abusing a law intended to help people with rare diseases. In a blog post on 12 September, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said he wants …
8 hours ago · From Spectrum News
Honey bees lead intricate social lives: They care for the colony’s young and team up to protect their home, for example. But some bees don’t have ‘hive mind;’ they fail to respond to social cues, such as the arrival of new larvae or trespassing bees. The genetic profiles of these bees are similar to…
8 hours ago · From Spectrum News
“I realized that parents are caring for their children 24 hours a day, but who is caring for them?” LisaMarie Bernardo, CLC Ron Sandison interviews Life Coach LisaMarie Bernardo who is the mom of a son on the autism spectrum. What has been your greatest challenge as a mom of a child…
8 hours ago · From The Art of Autism
In the last few years, we have read quite a bit about how technology has allowed our brain to control devices or objects around us without the use of limbs. (If you haven’t, you can read about some examples here, here, and here). Futurism.com, a great website that posts about how human potenti…
8 hours ago · From Assistive Technology Blog
His mom is now looking for the train guard in order to thank her for what she did.Source: The Autism Site
8 hours ago · From The Autism Site
Think patronizing a person doesn't do any harm? Think again.Source: The Autism Site
8 hours ago · From The Autism Site
This week only, save 20% on our favorite tools to teach young learners about math and money! Use code NUMBERS17 at checkout! *Promotion is valid until August 25th, 2017 at 11:59pm ET. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases, combined with any other offers, transferred, refunded, or redeemed an…
8 hours ago · From Different Roads to Learning
“Eli is such a kind caring Boy, always giving such beautiful smiles to Nana and Grandad!” We’re all smiles because of you, Eli, the Great! Welcome to the Mighty League: Would you like us to feature your superhero and send a certificate? Have you seen our FREE autistic hero comics…
8 hours ago · From Geek Book clubs
About 17 percent of children with autism are calmer and more communicative than usual when they have a fever, according to a new analysis1. Children with severe autism features are most likely to show these gains. Understanding how fever affects autism features could help researchers uncover causes …
Yesterday · From Spectrum News
By Leigh Marcos Loss and grief are a normal part of life. Explaining the concept of death and the grieving process to children can be difficult, and even more so when the child is on the autism spectrum. The idea of not being able to see or talk to the person who has died again can be very confusing…
Yesterday · From The Art of Autism
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By Rebecca Burgess *** Rebecca Burgess is a freelance comic artist and illustrator living in the UK. She has an interest in history and folk songs that runs through alot of her work. Her obsession with comics runs into her spare time, where she draws two webcomics! Rebecca also likes to pla…
19.05.2016 · From The Art of Autism
When it comes to communicating via email or text messaging, deaf people have to rely on English or other language keyboards even though sign language may be their primary language. Although deaf people read, write and lip read in their surrounding language, sign language can be independent of that. …
09.02.2016 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Thailand's Thammasat University, in collaboration with Samsung, has created a new ink that rises up when heated, thus giving it an embossed effect, just like what you would expect from a Braille embosser. What's revolutionary about this ink is that it can be used with regular printers on regular pap…
28.04.2016 · From Assistive Technology Blog
By Keri Bowers Yesterday I posted Part 1 of Autism Films streaming on Netflix in the United States. In 2016, Netflix expanded into 130 different countries and are in every major country except China. The following films are unavailable for live streaming in the United States, and are available on Ne…
22.04.2016 · From The Art of Autism
It's not uncommon for people on the spectrum to have another disorder. Here are eight they may experience.Source: The Autism Site
04.03.2016 · From The Autism Site
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