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By Matteo Musso Hi, I am a 15 year old guy with autism. I have been silent most of my life, at least regarding using spoken language as a primary way of communicating. I was introduced to the letter board when I was 11½ years old. To live in this society without the use of spoken language is so cha…
16 hours ago · From The Art of Autism
Engineers at De Montfort University have found an ingenious and inexpensive way of creating prosthetics. These engineers ground regular plastic bottles down and created polyester yarns from them. They then proceeded to create sockets that join prosthetic limbs to the body. Through this project, t…
16 hours ago · From Assistive Technology Blog
Laura and Anna Callwood decided to be farmers when they were 8 years old. Then at age 10, they were diagnosed with autism.Source: The Autism Site
16 hours ago · From The Autism Site
A concerned father wrote in to the department after his wife's employer denied her intermittent leave to attend their children's IEP meetings.Source: The Autism Site
16 hours ago · From The Autism Site
This month’s response comes from Dr. Bryan J. Blair. The original discussion questions can be found in last week’s post. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page! One of my early applied behavior analysis (ABA) supervisors used to say that the hardest part …
16 hours ago · From Different Roads to Learning
By Christa Holmans, Neurodivergent Rebel I was born autistic. I’ve been autistic my entire life. And, I will die autistic.  This information shook my world view when it finally came to light, just before my 30th birthday. I often relate my story to The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen…
16 hours ago · From Geek Book clubs
Clinical trials of autism treatments rarely use a consistent set of tools to measure efficacy, a new study suggests1. Instead, researchers generally design questionnaires specific to their study goals, and 69 percent of these tools are used only once. The lack of consistency could obscure positive r…
2 days ago · From Spectrum News
For more than five decades, I have studied how our physiology influences mental processes and behavior. During this period, I have studied people — including autistic children — who have trouble regulating their behavior and emotions. Based on my research, I have developed a theory: The neural regul…
3 days ago · From Spectrum News
By Austin John Jones For me, purpose is subjective; it’s based on how I feel. If I feel like I have a specific purpose in life, that motivates me. But sometimes I think purpose is a human idea someone made up to give me comfort. From what I can tell, people who feel like they have purpose get up eve…
3 days ago · From The Art of Autism
Sadly, things like this are happening every day to people with autism around the world.Source: The Autism Site
3 days ago · From The Autism Site
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By Rebecca Burgess *** Rebecca Burgess is a freelance comic artist and illustrator living in the UK. She has an interest in history and folk songs that runs through alot of her work. Her obsession with comics runs into her spare time, where she draws two webcomics! Rebecca also likes to pla…
19.05.2016 · From The Art of Autism
When it comes to communicating via email or text messaging, deaf people have to rely on English or other language keyboards even though sign language may be their primary language. Although deaf people read, write and lip read in their surrounding language, sign language can be independent of that. …
09.02.2016 · From Assistive Technology Blog
In the last few years, Minecraft has taken the world by storm.  We all perhaps know that it is a video game, but we don't know much beyond that. Almost all kids, on the other hand, not only know what it is (a video game!), but also know how to maneuver that game very well, and pick up all sorts…
02.12.2015 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Gary Jesch, owner of Invirtua and a digital puppeteer who has been in the live animation industry for 20 years, was inspired to see what he could do for those on the autism spectrum.Eye contact, social skills & social interaction, and difficulties with attention and concentration are some of the…
04.12.2015 · From Assistive Technology Blog
By Megan Amodeo I have always been on the autism spectrum. Two of my three daughters have always been on the autism spectrum. By no means do I claim to be an expert in all things autism, but I do have a good sample size in my own home which provides me with a unique window into the minds of autistic…
11.10.2016 · From Geek Book clubs
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