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The ability to identify human-like movements is rooted in genetics — and may share those origins with autism traits, a study of 117 twin pairs in China suggests1. The ability to interpret other people’s movements is important for understanding others’ intentions and making social connections. People…
22 hours ago · From Spectrum News
This is being called a "potential breakthrough."Source: The Autism Site
22 hours ago · From The Autism Site
Women who take acetaminophen early in pregnancy may increase their risk of having a child with language delay — but only if the child is a girl, a new study suggests1. Experts warn that the findings are preliminary, however, and far from having clinical value. Acetaminophen, commonly marketed as Tyl…
3 days ago · From Spectrum News
An algorithm combs through genetic data to identify variants involved in autism and four other brain conditions1. The method expands on an older approach called transmission and de novo association (TADA), which combines information about inherited and spontaneous mutations to identify risk genes. L…
4 days ago · From Spectrum News
The post Ultrasound exposure; maternal age; ‘special’ interests and more appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
4 days ago · From Spectrum News
By Ron Sandison An interview with life coach and student mentor Caitlin Smith 1. How old were your when you were diagnosed with Asperger’s? I was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was fifteen when my parents finally decided to take me to get evaluated after years of struggle, anxiety, and…
4 days ago · From The Art of Autism
"Parents are told: 'Forget your child, grieve for your child and accept the fact that they will be put in an institution'."Source: The Autism Site
4 days ago · From The Autism Site
by Dana Reinecke, PhD, BCBA-D Sharing and cooperative play are among the most difficult skills for children to learn, whether or not they have a diagnosed disability. Why is sharing so hard? Because it necessarily involves giving something up, and usually it’s something highly preferred that is…
4 days ago · From Different Roads to Learning
Nearly half of adults with autism live with a family member and about one in five is unemployed, according to a new analysis1. Only 5 percent have ever been married. The findings suggest that many middle-aged adults with autism have little independence. The work echoes a study from last year that fo…
5 days ago · From Spectrum News
The bipartisan budget deal that passed the U.S. Congress this week includes enough health policy changes to keep reporters and analysts busy for months. In addition to renewing funding for community health centers for two more years, the bill extends funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Prog…
5 days ago · From Spectrum News
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By Rebecca Burgess *** Rebecca Burgess is a freelance comic artist and illustrator living in the UK. She has an interest in history and folk songs that runs through alot of her work. Her obsession with comics runs into her spare time, where she draws two webcomics! Rebecca also likes to pla…
19.05.2016 · From The Art of Autism
When it comes to communicating via email or text messaging, deaf people have to rely on English or other language keyboards even though sign language may be their primary language. Although deaf people read, write and lip read in their surrounding language, sign language can be independent of that. …
09.02.2016 · From Assistive Technology Blog
In the last few years, Minecraft has taken the world by storm.  We all perhaps know that it is a video game, but we don't know much beyond that. Almost all kids, on the other hand, not only know what it is (a video game!), but also know how to maneuver that game very well, and pick up all sorts…
02.12.2015 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Thailand's Thammasat University, in collaboration with Samsung, has created a new ink that rises up when heated, thus giving it an embossed effect, just like what you would expect from a Braille embosser. What's revolutionary about this ink is that it can be used with regular printers on regular pap…
28.04.2016 · From Assistive Technology Blog
If you walk a lot to get from one place to another, you probably appreciate a good pair of shoes that make your walk comfortable. What if that same shoe could tell you where to go?Lechal shoes and insoles, that connect to a phone app via bluetooth do exactly that. All one has to do is enter their de…
06.12.2015 · From Assistive Technology Blog
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