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By Jacinto Morales Skateboarding: a truly unique experience, one that takes the best of art & physicality and makes them one wonderful adventure. I am an Autistic man coming out of his shell and skateboarding has helped me enter with joyful freedom. It was only a short while ago that I discove…
21 hours ago · From The Art of Autism
Follow these four tips to avoid using the information in problematic ways, including as a proxy for environmental variables. SourceSource: Spectrum News
2 days ago · From Spectrum News
by Christian Berman I’m going through this right now, so it’s painfully fresh in my head. I happen to be out of the house early 3 weeks ago, which is rare for me. It was because I had an early doctors appointment. One I was procrastinating on because of the elevator. I had to go on to get there, bu…
3 days ago · From The Art of Autism
Mobility devices have played a significant role in the lives of individuals with disabilities, particularly wheelchair users. However, traditional wheelchairs have remained largely unchanged since 1864, limiting users in various aspects of their lives. With the advent of self-balancing devices such …
3 days ago · From Assistive Technology Blog
Dr. Natalie L. Shaheen, an assistant professor at Illinois State University, has been awarded a substantial National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER grant of over $1.5 million to address inequities in science education for blind and low-vision (BLV) students. This five-year grant, the largest in her…
4 days ago · From Assistive Technology Blog
The feedback could lead to “novel ways” to conduct studies and reduce health disparities, a National Institutes of Health employee says. SourceSource: Spectrum News
5 days ago · From Spectrum News
by John Testore I’m a British married man on ASD/ADHD living in Asia with my Asian wife. I constantly need to keep my mind busy. I can’t bear hot-humid air forcing me to stay indoors during the Monsoon Asian Summer well in the 40C aggravated by 90% humidity. The air-conditioner screams for mercy 24…
8 days ago · From The Art of Autism
The Speech Accessibility Project, led by Mark Hasegawa-Johnson at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is making significant strides in improving speech recognition technology for individuals with speech differences, especially those with Parkinson’s disease. The project, supported by …
8 days ago · From Assistive Technology Blog
by Daniel Antonsson We are all different with our own history when it comes to social life and friendship, no matter if we have Autism or not. When I take a look at my life and the people around me as well as my character as a person, I can see a pattern throughout my life, let me come back to this …
10 days ago · From The Art of Autism
Sympathetic neurons pepper the embryos of the jawless fish—Earth’s first vertebrates—and overturn the idea that “fight or flight” was an innovation of jawed vertebrates. SourceSource: Spectrum News
12 days ago · From Spectrum News
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By Rebecca Burgess *** Rebecca Burgess is a freelance comic artist and illustrator living in the UK. She has an interest in history and folk songs that runs through alot of her work. Her obsession with comics runs into her spare time, where she draws two webcomics! Rebecca also likes to pla…
19.05.2016 · From The Art of Autism
When it comes to communicating via email or text messaging, deaf people have to rely on English or other language keyboards even though sign language may be their primary language. Although deaf people read, write and lip read in their surrounding language, sign language can be independent of that. …
09.02.2016 · From Assistive Technology Blog
If Cookie Monster could play any math literacy game, we’re sure this free Cookie Jar Number Matching activity would be the winner! This free printable from Totschooling.net includes three representations of numbers one through ten to help build counting and number recognition skills. To play, …
25.04.2016 · From Different Roads to Learning
  The development of these manuals is a culmination of years of clinical work involving direct ABA intervention, teaching, coaching, training, and clinical oversight to teams delivering ABA intervention. I have always enjoyed seeing students’ progress in their learning – knowing tha…
20.04.2018 · From Different Roads to Learning
In the last few years, Minecraft has taken the world by storm.  We all perhaps know that it is a video game, but we don't know much beyond that. Almost all kids, on the other hand, not only know what it is (a video game!), but also know how to maneuver that game very well, and pick up all sorts…
02.12.2015 · From Assistive Technology Blog
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