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Estimates for autism’s prevalence in three U.S. states reveal significant inequalities in how children of different races and ethnicities are counted and assessed, according to two new studies. In Wisconsin and Colorado, black and Hispanic children are more likely than white children to lack health …
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by Kysa Orr I’m a 14 year old girl who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. It’s weird for me to say that. I don’t feel like I have autism, even though when I was little, I remember wearing the same dress to school every day because everything else felt “funny” and not lett…
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We have heard quite a bit about universal design and accessibility recently but what do they look like when actually implemented in real life? To promote universal design in houses, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation recently launched a new campaign called “Accessibility Is Beautiful” that…
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“To know it impacted them just as much as it impacted us fills me with love and hope.”Source: The Autism Site
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Thank goodness for kind police officers who have autism training!Source: The Autism Site
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The post Spotted around the web: Week of 13 May 2019 appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
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Adults with autism have a resting heartbeat that rarely varies in frequency, a tendency that may explain some aspects of the condition, a new study suggests1. The findings also hint at a problem in these adults’ ‘autonomic’ nervous system, which controls involuntary functions such as heart rate and …
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A new technique leads to neuron cultures of consistent quality, enabling scientists to study how autism mutations alter neurons1. Mutations in genes linked to autism, such as SHANK2 and SHANK3, may lead to abnormal synapses — the junctions between neurons — and disrupted neuronal signaling. Research…
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By Morgan GiosaNow It was a Monday night after 10 PM, and I was waiting in the corner of the Hungry Tiger, a small Connecticut bar which hosts my favorite open jam blues night. I was awkwardly tuning up my guitar and listening to the house band – a trio of musical virtuosos – tearing through incredi…
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The school has no choice but to honor the restraining order and monitor Ezra at all times.Source: The Autism Site
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