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A new database displays gene-expression patterns in individual cells of the developing mouse cerebellum over time1. The tool may provide clues to how the cerebellum develops differently in people with conditions such as autism. The cerebellum is involved in motor coordination, language and social in…
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"I think things are gonna be a lot better for the next generation. Like, I'm actually really hopeful."Source: The Autism Site
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The autism gene TBR1 controls the expression of several other candidate genes that govern the architecture of the cerebral cortex, the brain’s outer section, a new study suggests1. TBR1 is among a select set of genes with strong ties to autism. The new findings explain that connection: Mutations in …
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This is appalling.Source: The Autism Site
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The child was trapped in a parking lot in the school transportation van for four hours.Source: The Autism Site
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While the holidays can be a very fun and exciting time, they often tend to disrupt regular routines. A disruption in routines can frequently lead to added stress, anxiety, and behavioral difficulties for individuals with autism and their families. So how can you maintain the fun in holidays but also…
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A couple of years ago, whilst the world was reflecting on Donald Trump being elected as the new US President, another story went viral and was challenging it for the most read in the UK. That was the story of my guest, Marc Carter, his autistic son Ben, and a little blue cup! After following that st…
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In 1997, a Stanford University neuroscientist wrote a letter to his colleagues. He signed the letter with his birth name, Barbara Barres, but made it clear that from now on he wished to be known as Ben. “Whenever I think about changing my gender role, I am flooded with feelings of relief,” he wrote.…
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The first monkey with a mutation in SHANK3, a top autism gene, is nearly 3 years old1. It spends its days circling its cage rather than interacting with other monkeys. The monkey lacks SHANK3 in only some of its cells — and yet shows traits reminiscent of autism, including social disinterest and rep…
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