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By Matteo Musso Hi, I am a 15 year old guy with autism. I have been silent most of my life, at least regarding using spoken language as a primary way of communicating. I was introduced to the letter board when I was 11½ years old. To live in this society without the use of spoken language is so cha…
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Laura and Anna Callwood decided to be farmers when they were 8 years old. Then at age 10, they were diagnosed with autism.Source: The Autism Site
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A concerned father wrote in to the department after his wife's employer denied her intermittent leave to attend their children's IEP meetings.Source: The Autism Site
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By Christa Holmans, Neurodivergent Rebel I was born autistic. I’ve been autistic my entire life. And, I will die autistic.  This information shook my world view when it finally came to light, just before my 30th birthday. I often relate my story to The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen…
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By Austin John Jones For me, purpose is subjective; it’s based on how I feel. If I feel like I have a specific purpose in life, that motivates me. But sometimes I think purpose is a human idea someone made up to give me comfort. From what I can tell, people who feel like they have purpose get up eve…
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Sadly, things like this are happening every day to people with autism around the world.Source: The Autism Site
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He won the top prize, meaning that he was guaranteed 10,000 pounds – when converted equals roughly $12,150 USD – every month for the next 30 years.Source: The Autism Site
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By Megan Amodeo Television networks and streaming services have made big bank on seemingly obvious or blatantly literal autistic “characters”. Big Bang Theory and The Good Doctor are just a few of the more popular sitcoms and dramas revolving around autism. Are all autistics like those main characte…
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5th in the ‘Happy Sawyer’ series By Nikki Mann In the 6-week break before Sawyer was due to start reception class, I was anxious about how he would cope and whether he would be able to fit in with his peers. Uniform and books started to arrive, along with the stark realisation that I was about to r…
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Sometimes service-dog training is more of a treat than a chore.Source: The Autism Site
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