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This is being called a "potential breakthrough."Source: The Autism Site
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By Ron Sandison An interview with life coach and student mentor Caitlin Smith 1. How old were your when you were diagnosed with Asperger’s? I was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was fifteen when my parents finally decided to take me to get evaluated after years of struggle, anxiety, and…
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"Parents are told: 'Forget your child, grieve for your child and accept the fact that they will be put in an institution'."Source: The Autism Site
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This is the worst flu season we've had in years. Do you know how to protect yourself and your family?Source: The Autism Site
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“I’m unique. I’m a geek.” That is our self-acceptance mantra here at Geek Club Books. We embrace our differences and celebrate who we are. Our geekiness and love of pop-culture is what connects us to each other. Many of us enjoy attending conventions where we can immerse ourselves in our favorite fa…
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San Diego-based intuitive artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira is a synesthete – he sees emotion in color. In this blog he shares his New Year dreams and paintings. By Jeremy Sicile-Kira Truly greatly I love making new year paintings, like people like making resolutions: dearly it is a chance for new begin…
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Reading shouldn't be a chore — make it a fun and exciting activity with these helpful tips!Source: The Autism Site
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These classics stand out and hold a special place in the hearts of readers everywhere.Source: The Autism Site
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