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He has difficulty communicating verbally, but his drawings are a way for home to express himself -- and they are exceptional.Source: The Autism Site
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"Myelination could be a problem that ties all of these autism spectrum disorders together."Source: The Autism Site
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Kit Falbo writes science fiction and fantasy, and when you open the pages of his books, he wants you to be brought into the story. He loves the craft of writing and squeezes it in while “keeping one on my kids as they run rampant at the local library.” In addition to his 3 novels, so far, Kit enjoys…
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The company is a nonprofit subsidiary of their charitable organization that focuses on "creating meaningful and lasting employment for adults with autism and developmental disabilities."Source: The Autism Site
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The boy's parents desperately want answers about how this happened to their son.Source: The Autism Site
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His mom was overcome with emotion.Source: The Autism Site
02.02.2020 · From The Autism Site
"It could be a real breakthrough and very important for these families."Source: The Autism Site
31.01.2020 · From The Autism Site
Although 22-year-old Daniel has autism, he likes to feel independent. His mom believes the library is discriminating against him by requiring her to supervise him constantly.Source: The Autism Site
31.01.2020 · From The Autism Site
Finding My Way Books core belief is that inclusion matters. They publish children’s picture books to tell the true stories of children with disabilities across all genders, race, cultures and environments. Jo Mach launched the website and book series because she knew that inclusion is the key to ope…
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The coronavirus has infected thousands and killed dozens in China. Now it has spread to about a dozen countries, including the U.S.Source: The Autism Site
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