Society Is Doing a Great Disservice to Those with Intellectual Disability and Autism
Here's what we want the world to know about those with ID.
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The government of Doug Ford, premier of Ontario, Canada, recently announced its intentions to overhaul the Ontario Autism Program, something the province’s minister of children, community and social services has described as a “broken … Liberal mess” that the Conservatives inherited. My son, Seb…
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The post Spotted around the web: Week of 11 February 2019 appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
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People with autism show scant activity in a poorly understood molecular process thought to regulate gene expression in the brain, according to a new study1. The process, called RNA editing, turns out to involve two proteins central to fragile X syndrome, one of the most common causes of autism. The …
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Unemployment rates in the autism community are alarming, but the number of individuals entering the workforce only continues to grow. This presents an overwhelming challenge for special educators tasked with preparing learners for what is often an uncertain future. Vocational training is essential a…
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By Gretchen Leary We often think of bravery and greatness as almost the same. But what if we considered the idea that sometimes bravery can also mean the ability to be humble without shame? We often think of bravery as an action that we do with our body but we don’t always associate it with what we …
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