Keep Exploring! Traveling the Spectrum Way
Woman looking at mountain wearing "Keep Exploring" banner for Zoom Issue 16

Woman looking at mountain wearing "Keep Exploring" banner for Zoom Issue 16

Letters from Our Editors:

Welcome to Zoom Autism Magazine, Issue 16!

Guest Editor: Gretchen McIntire (Leary)

Headshot of Gretchen LearyIt has been a honor and an amazing learning experience to step into the shoes of Guest Editor for Issue 16 of Zoom Autism Magazine. I knew right away that I wanted the theme to be about travel. Traveling outside our safe, familiar spaces brings everyone together so to speak as we individuals on the Autism Spectrum all face (at least somewhat) similar challenges.

“From unpacking common travel anxiety issues several writers have faced to the amazing insights we receive from Dr. Stephen Shore this issue is full of anecdotes and wise advice from fellow spectrum travelers.”

Whether you are traveling by airplane, bus, or train, (or you’re traveling to faraway lands we’ve written about from the comfort of your home), I hope every article in this issue is helpful and sparks a wanderlust for stepping outside your comfort zone. May it also be a reminder that, no matter what obstacles you might face on your journey, you are not alone.

Wishing you all an adventurous and cozy Autumn!

Associate Editor: Haley Moss

Whether we are traveling for fun, vacation, or work and with family, friends, or alone, people are always on the move from place to place. Autistic people are no exception as we navigate the world around us and explore towns, cities, countries, and continents outside of where we grew up.

It has been a journey getting to experience the world through the experiences of our writers and guest editor, Gretchen. When Gretchen asked for a second set of eyes in the editorial process, it was my honor. I’ve been traveling a lot recently to speak at conferences and events (and for fun), so this issue struck a particular chord with me.

Thank you to each of our writers for letting us into your lives, and for sharing how autism has affected and impacted your trips, positively or negatively. I hope you enjoy visiting all of the places we have through the words of our contributors. Thank you to everyone who made this issue possible. A special shout out to Gretchen for allowing me to team up with you – but most importantly, thank you for your friendship.

“It is also my pleasure to announce that following this issue, I have accepted a new role here at Zoom. I am now the Associate Editor of Zoom Magazine, meaning I help support the guest editor and work with our writers to make their writing as amazing as possible.”

As you may or may not know, a lot goes on behind the scenes for our guest editors and within the editorial process to bring Zoom to your screen. Our issues take months of planning, organizing, communicating, and editing – it definitely can be quite overwhelming and stressful for our guest editors and editorial staff! Guest editors take the time to help decide the theme, recruit writers, communicate with writers about deadlines and other stuff behind the scenes, etc. We also help determine who and what goes on the cover. Then we edit writers’ work, provide feedback, and make sure everything is ready to be presented to each of you out there reading. Working on Zoom first as a contributor and then a guest editor has been something I enjoyed doing as a volunteer, and being able to help guest editors and our staff feel less stressed is an honor. Thank you to Conner for being so gracious in wanting to share the magazine with me. I will do my best to do you proud.

I also want all of our writers, readers, and interested folks out there to know I am a resource and here to help! Each editor has a different style and different goals but part of what I want to do as Associate Editor is help the process to get writing published, and also to help our autistic writing team grow.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


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