How One Author’s Authenticity Helps People Understand Autism

Autistic Author Interview

Travis Breeding

Travis Breeding has written over 15 books about his experiences with autism. Writing is a special interest and hobby for Travis. He feels it is important that people on the autism spectrum use their knowledge and talent to communicate what it feels like to have autism so others can understand.

“My books are all about the first-hand personal experience of growing up without knowing that I had autism until the age of 22. It was a relief to find out who I was so my books offer insight as someone who didn’t understand who he was growing up to someone who is now an adult beginning to understand who he truly is as a person.”

We caught up with him to talk about his most recent book.

Tell us about Preparing for Your Future with Autism.

Preparing for Your Future with Autism is a comprehensive autobiography style book on growing up with autism. I talk about various topics related to an autism diagnosis such as sensory issues, social skills, fixations, special interests, puberty, and sexuality. I am very open and authentic in my book and hope to better help others going through some of the same struggles and challenges as I went through.

What inspired you to write it?

I was inspired to write this book because I feel that we need more personal stories out there of people living with autism. It is very important to me that society understands how people on the autism spectrum feel and experience the world.

How does being autistic influence your writing?

Being autistic allows me to write from a very authentic point of view. I don’t see the point in sugar coating things or saying things that don’t have true meaning. So, readers get a very real, raw, and authentic perspective of my autism.

Who is the ideal reader and how do you see the book being used?

Really anyone interested in autism or someone who loves someone with autism or works with someone with autism will benefit from reading my books. It doesn’t matter what in what capacity you are working with someone with autism. You will benefit from Preparing for Your Future with Autism because it will give you a glimpse inside the life of someone living with autism every single day.

What’s the message you want your readers to take away after reading the book?

Living with autism is challenging, yet people with autism overcome it and do many great things in the world. People with autism can be resilient and change the world.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your writing?

I write to help others. I am constantly putting out new books. I have over 15 books now and plan to do several per year. My books are super authentic and all about who I am.

Do you have a proud moment you’d like to share?

My proudest moments are when I get emails from readers saying how I have touched or changed their lives. I try to respond to as many emails as I can. I appreciate all my fans sending me mail and I love knowing they benefit from reading my books.

What’s the best ways for people to connect with you?

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