Dad With Cancer Escorts His Autistic Son To School, With The Help Of His Fellow Officers
"He means the world to me. We’ve been through a lot together."
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Electronic neurons made from silicon mimic brain cells and could be used to treat autism1. Researchers plan to use the technology in conjunction with machine learning to retrain damaged or atypical neurons and restore function in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, autism or other conditi…
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Some men who have an autistic child carry mutations linked to the condition only in their sperm, according to a new study1. In these men, genetic tests of sperm, rather than of blood, may help estimate their chances of passing the mutations to future children. “If you look in the blood of the father…
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One of my favorite textbooks about ABA is Focus on Behavior Analysis in Education: Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities. And one of my favorite chapters in that book is called “Building Behaviors versus Suppressing Behaviors,” which focuses on school-wide positive behavior change This is…
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Few of the most popular early treatments for autism are supported by strong evidence, a systematic review suggests; even treatments with relatively strong evidence did not meet the review’s high standards1. A second analysis reviewed studies that support pivotal response treatment (PRT) and found th…
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