Casting Call for Autistic Actress (10 – 15 years old)

Angela Demo Casting is currently casting the independent feature film Cha Cha Real Smooth.

They are searching for a young actress (10-15 years old) on the autism spectrum to portray the lead role of LOLA. The character description for LOLA is below and you can find further details about the film here.

[LOLA] Character portrayed is female, 12 years old (please submit actresses to portray white, biracial and multiracial ethnicities, 10-15 years old). We are committed to casting authentically and therefore are looking for actresses who are on the autism spectrum. Lola is bright, smart, and direct. She collects potato mashers and takes good care of her pet hamster, Jerry. She is autistic, and socializing can be stressful. She feels very comfortable with her mother, Domino, but with everybody else she tries very hard to fit in. It’s not that Lola necessarily wants to fit in, she just doesn’t want to mess up. Andrew is the only other person who makes her feel accepted and cool being Lola…LEAD

Please send headshots and resumes to All minors must have permission from their parent/guardian to submit. Please try to submit headshots and resumes by April 12, 2021.

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