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“Reading to a dog can really build a child’s confidence. And we were happy to help out some of the parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged with their studies.” Source: The Autism Site
5 days ago · From The Autism Site
If the plan is triggered into action, ventilator access in the state would be restricted for people with a variety of medical conditions, including cardiac arrest, severe trauma, dementia, metastasized cancer, severe burns, end-stage organ failure, immunological disorders such as AIDS, and severe me…
6 days ago · From The Autism Site
The ultra-comfortable shoes are designed with "sensory-inclusive elements, including a calming color palette and design features that focus on the senses."Source: The Autism Site
10 days ago · From The Autism Site
“We’d have been social distancing for 13 years now without a faithful furry friend to keep Alex safe,” said the mother of an 13-year-old autistic child. Source: The Autism Site
11 days ago · From The Autism Site
Nearly 45% of children and adolescents with ASD use medications that have negative side effects on dental health.Source: The Autism Site
11 days ago · From The Autism Site
Lucas eats about 20 packets of chips a day, leaving his mother scrambling to find enough of them for him.Source: The Autism Site
24.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
"I know people might not fully understand what it's like to have a child who has autism, but when they are particular about food they will literally only eat that food or not eat at all."Source: The Autism Site
21.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
Shireen Hu says her 6-year-old daughter, Raqayya, has autism and will only eat very particular foods, namely a specific type of pasta sold at Tesco.Source: The Autism Site
17.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
The mom reached out to Reddit for advice about the bullying and the teacher's response.Source: The Autism Site
17.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
“People have seen this phenomenon before, but it’s the kind of story that is hard to believe, which I think stems from the fact that we did not know the mechanism."Source: The Autism Site
13.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
"He’s amazing. He is just my world."Source: The Autism Site
12.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
She got to take her stuffed puppy for a lap just like the other participants did with their pets.Source: The Autism Site
11.03.2020 · From The Autism Site
Anthony Schmidt photographs toy cars making them appear as if they were real, full-size cars.Source: The Autism Site
29.02.2020 · From The Autism Site
First-responders in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas received training on techniques and important things to think about when dealing with the growing autistic population. Source: The Autism Site
29.02.2020 · From The Autism Site
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