The Last Of Us Part II Is Perhaps The Most Accessible Game Ever Made With More Than 60 Accessibility

Have you heard of the game “The Last of Us Part II” yet? Released this month on the 19th on PlayStation 4, this game is already a huge success. The successor of The Last of Us Part 1, which received critical acclaim in 2014, All gamers were waiting for it with bated breath right since it was announced. Besides the typical excitement that follows these types of action games, one thing to note about this game that is equally exciting, if not more is that it has tons of accessibility features that has excited a lot of disabled gamers. 

Naughty Dog, the maker of this game has added more than 60 accessibility settings to enable everyone to play with ease. Besides regular accessibility settings that benefit everyone, there are new features for low vision and blind players as well as expanded options for fine motor skills and hearing.

See some of the accessibility settings in action below. The full list can be found on Playstation’s website

Warning: Some of these clips contain violence.

Screen Magnifier

Screen magnifier lets a user zoom in on any part of the scene.

High Contrast Mode

Various high contrast modes help users with vision impairment identify characters and objects better during gameplay.

Text To Speech

Text to speech enables narration of on screen text.

Traversal Cues

When enabled, traversal cues help with navigating and exploration. There are audio cues for jumpable gaps, climbable ledges, objects that can be picked, etc.


Subtitles can be enabled for every character within the game, even off screen characters.

Victor Branco, a blind video gamer reviewer, gave The Last Of Us Part II ab overall accessibility score of 9.2 out of 10. You can read his full review on Game Accessibility Nexus and listen to his reaction in the video below.

Let us know what you think of all the accessibility settings in this game! 

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