Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” Will Make Shopping Easy For People With Disabilities

If you’ve ever been to one of the few Amazon Go stores, you have experienced “contactless shopping” – you walk in, grab the items you need and simply walk out! The store is equipped with cameras and sensors and the entire system has the ability to identify what you grabbed. Once you walk out, you get a receipt for the items you shopped for.

Amazon Go has always been considered an experimental “art of the possible” experience but the same technology will be implemented very soon at two Whole Foods stores in Sherman Oaks, CA and Washington DC. Starting next year, customers shopping at these two locations will be able to shop for their items and skip checkout lines entirely. What does this mean for people with disabilities? No more fumbling for credit cards, cash or ID at the checkout counter, especially for those who may not have good motor skills, hand tremors or other disabilities that may make the checkout process uncomfortable.

All it takes is scanning a barcode on the Amazon or Whole Foods app at the entrance so it knows who the customer is. For those who are unable to don’t want to scan the barcode, there will be an option to scan a person’s palm using the Amazon One palm scanning payment device. Those wanting to go through a checkout experience will still have access to checkout counters to pay with cash, pre-paid cards, Whole Foods gift cards or EBT and will receive a paper receipt.

Want to see what this shopping experience is like? Check out the video below.

Source: Supermarket News

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