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Dr. Tom Buggey is a research scientist who recently retired after 20 years of investigating autism and the established intervention known as "modeling" or "video modeling."

He's been involved with Invirtua and providing recommendations and guidance to system users, based on his experience and research studies he has led in the field. For more info see his bio at where he serves on the Invirtua Advisory Board.

Dr. Buggey is happy to be able to help anyone with questions about autism and its treatments.

Answered Questions
What's a good book to read about autism?
Asked by Doctor Al Father located @ United States
Answered by Doctor Tom Buggey on Nov 10, 2015 (10.11.2015)
05.11.2015 ·
Hi Dr. Buggey, You recently put together information about research that has been done around using interactive avatars for therapy - Beyond knowing ther…
Asked by Doctor Gary Jesch located @ United States
Answered by Doctor Tom Buggey on Feb 21, 2016 (21.02.2016)
19.02.2016 ·
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Nov 05, 2015 (05.11.2015)
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