Diagnosed with "Atypical Development and strong autistic tendencies" and "too sick" for outpatient treatment Dr. Shore was recommended for institutionalization. Nonverbal until four, and with much sup…
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United States
06.10.2016 · From Tumbalaika
Dr. Hale, a Speaker, Consultant and Autism Advocate, is from the historic City and County of Bristol, England, a member of British Mensa, the Accademia Costantiniana and a graduate of Portsmouth, Bris…
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Alicante, Spain
27.06.2016 · From drianchale
Gary Jesch is the founder of Invirtua and the inventor of the 3D Digital Puppeteer system that features live animation to help those on the autism spectrum. He comes from an entertainment and marketin…
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04.12.2015 · From gary_jesch
Dr. Tom Buggey is a research scientist who recently retired after 20 years of investigating autism and the established intervention known as "modeling" or "video modeling." He's been involved with In…
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