Autistic Pride Day 2017: What Color is Your Pride? #AutisticPrideDay

Autistic Pride Day is June 18, 2017

Autistic Pride Day, an Aspies for Freedom initiative, is a celebration of the neurodiversity of people on the autism spectrum on June 18 each year.  Autistic pride recognizes the innate potential in all people, including those on the autism spectrum. 

The Art of Autism would love if you post a picture on our FB page that reflects your ideas about pride in autism for Autistic Pride Day. The Art of Autism invites you to share your photo(s) that inspires the theme “What color is your pride?” Use your phone’s camera to capture images in a moment or throughout a day that reflects things, ideas, people, places, projects or other things that make you feel proud. This invitation is open to everyone ~ autistics and those who love them.

Here are some shares this week:

Michael Whary

“Its been 2 years since the Art of Autism told my story on their website about my Eagle Scout Project.  Since then I did become and Eagle Scout and I just graduated with Honors from my High School. I will be attending Baldwin Wallace University this fall and will major in Business. Because of the Art of Autism my story was published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul – Think Possible and it was a stepping stone to many awards. Thank you Art of Autism!”     Michael Whary

Dani Bowman Outstanding Performance

“To me, this award represent such pride, because my university chose two students from each class (i.e. two from the senior class, two from the Jr class, and so on).  I was one of the two chosen from my entire Jr class. And I was the only one from the entire university that was chosen with autism. It’s really good to see that I CAN indeed compete, and be as good as the “NT” world in my field of animation. I always do my best in anything I do, and yes it is recognized by my peers in the autism community, and I appreciate it so much. However I’ve always wondered if I’m good enough to make it in the non-autistic world. It’s so very nice to be recognized in that world as well. It really means so much to me! 

“To all my friends with autism! IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!! And now it’s your turn to reveal your pride color! To the rest of the world, watch out as we are coming to all your local neighborhoods like a tsunami! If you think we can’t do anything, just watch us!! Never underestimate us! Always assume competence!” Dani Bowman

Brian Be

“Somehow performance art /dance and autism are connected for me. Who & how I Be… .. may as well add the Rocky Mountains here, as I am born from them.” Brian Be









Please share this initiative with your friends and love ones. We can’t wait to see what you “pic” up and share. 

Cover image: Kimberly Gerry-Tucker 

“Be proud to be your truest self. Pride, to me, is showing kids there’s fun in allowing abandonment and sharing full immersion art with them. Oh the colorful messes we make.
It is a proud feeling when a child sees, that art created with such joy truly is joyful.” Kimberly Gerry-Tucker


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