""Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me." "

Fred Rogers

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disabilityinkidlit.com — — Reviews, articles, and more about the portrayal of disabilities in children's fiction Disability in Kidlit is dedicated to discussing the portrayal of disability in middle grade and young adult literature. We publish articles, reviews, interviews, and discussions examining this topic from various…
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integratedintervention.com — We offer individualized evaluations based on client needs and parent interview. We offer individual and group speech therapy sessions, pragmatic play groups, facilitated play dates, and parent coaching services. The San Francisco Bay Area's Premiere Pediatric Speech and Language Clinic. "We are exc…
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sparkforautism.org — You hold the power to shape the future of autism research. The mission of SPARK — an online research partnership involving 50,000 individuals with autism and their families — is simple. We want to speed up research and advance understanding of autism. Help us spark better futures for all in…
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faces4autism.org — Faces 4 Autism provides autism education and support including behavior therapy, sensory therapy, special education and more in New Jersey
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thetouchpointsolution.com — Home of Buzzies -a new technology that helps people with autism, dealing with stress
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The post Regression review; gendered association; model tribute and more appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
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A new version of a well-known test assesses how personal interests influence self-control in typical adults1. The tool may eventually help scientists better understand the impulsivity and intense interests in people with autism that can interfere with their daily functioning. Scientists can measure …
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Each day involves 3 hours of coursework and 5 hours of individualized play sessions.Source: The Autism Site
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CBD, a compound in marijuana, is neither addictive nor toxic.Source: The Autism Site
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The combinations of genetic variants that influence social communication vary throughout childhood and adolescence, a new study suggests1. Researchers used an algorithm to track the evolution of this genetic association with social communication in the same group of children over 10 years. They foun…
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