" I invite everyone and everything to come and go as they wish; all experiences are welcome here. There is never anything alien to the mind at peace with itself. It is its own joyous community." "

Byron Katie, A Thousand Names for Joy

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therisingstart.org — Our three Core Programs are designed to provide an “integrated pipeline”  for students starting out in middle school all the way through to adulthood preparing them with the academic, vocational, and life and social skills training to successfully navigate the world of rewarding work and fulfilling …
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by Christian Berman Before I was diagnosed with Autism, this was how I related to my dear maternal Grandpa Jules. I had a few years with him, not even knowing that our time was limited. I was just coming into this big beautiful world full of love & My Grandpa Jules David Cohen had just 6 years…
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The National Geographic Society estimates there are over 300 variations of sign language globally. The Odd Gentlemen is contributing to this diversity by introducing Harmonium Sign Language (HSL) for their upcoming game, “Harmonium: The Musical.” In the game, the protagonist Melody and t…
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New research is resurfacing old ideas about where the protein forms the disease’s hallmark plaques. SourceSource: Spectrum News
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Last week, the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) in England introduced a groundbreaking British Sign Language (BSL) Relay Service to assist deaf individuals during emergencies. Starting in May, all ambulances in the region are now equipped with iPads featuring the SignVideo app. This app enables f…
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By Nils Skudra This week I had the opportunity to watch “I Can”, a faith-based film based on the true story of Katelyn Pavey, a young girl born with only one fully formed arm who pursues her passion for softball in the face of adversity, with the encouragement of her parents. As a disabi…
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