Browse Sites By Tag: special needs — Lifelab Kids empowers youth with special needs, by providing innovative and therapeutic programs to help them see past their limitations and lead full lives. We believe that unity of mind and body is paramount to living a happy and healthy life. This is no exception for children with special needs, …
26.10.2020 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Play4Autism is a NYC based organization that introduces children on the autism spectrum and their families to recreational activities and sports.
20.02.2020 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Friendship Circle creates friendship in the lives of individuals with special needs and those facing isolation while providing an opportunity to become a contributing member of the community. Through our programming, Friendship Circle aims to promote an inclusive community that values all individual…
07.12.2018 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Alternative Baseball is a non-profit developmental baseball program for teens and adults with autism and special needs. The program is a true baseball experience, where games are played using professional league rules. The program was founded in 2016 by Taylor Duncan, a young baseball player/coach o…
27.11.2018 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Different Brains is a site developed to provide neurodiversity resources and communities with those on the spectrum or with neurological disorders.
02.02.2016 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Art Walk for Kids/Adults focuses on benefiting artists with special needs and at risk, youth and adults, through a curriculum of art education. Located in Santa Barbara, California.
20.11.2015 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Arts and Healing Network is an online resource celebrating the connection between arts and healing.
20.11.2015 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — ANCA provides international recognition for artists, poets, scientists and creatives on the spectrum through their magazine, website, radio shows, and awards ceremonies.
20.11.2015 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Actionplay offers training and professional development for education, arts, and culture professionals to develop compassionate and sensory aware experiences for people with autism and related conditions. Located in New York City.
19.11.2015 · 0 comments · From gary_jesch — Academy of Special Dreams brings awareness to the special needs population through an online gallery, visual art, film, performance and writing competitions.
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