Big Success for Firefly in Colorado

Colorado Gives Day a Huge Success for Firefly

Thank you everyone for making Colorado Gives Day such a success for Firefly Autism.  Thanks to an amazing matching grant of $25,000 and many generous donors, we were able to make $70,140 for the organization!!! Here are some of the photos we took at "Hat's Off to Firefly" on Colorado Gives Day.  If you made a donation you got to have your picture taken wearing a hat. We were especially thankful to district 4, Denver Police Department for supporting Firefly.

Firefly Autism is celebrating its 12th year as one of the leading Autism Treatment Centers in Colorado! We are based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and our staff is by far some of the most talented individuals in the Rocky Mountain Region! We are focused on breaking down the barriers that families are facing when they receive their diagnosis! The three barriers that impact our children and families impacted by Autism are Financial, Geographical and Linguistic barriers. We're on the front lines partnering with other amazing organizations across our state to build a safety net for families to access to ensure that all children with Autism have resources! We can't do it alone and it truly takes a State Village to make this happen.

Please consider coming down to tour our facility and if help us reach more children by becoming a donor!

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