Lechal Footwear: Shoes And Insoles For Blind Walkers
photo of red lechal shoe

If you walk a lot to get from one place to another, you probably appreciate a good pair of shoes that make your walk comfortable. What if that same shoe could tell you where to go?

lechal phone app showing steps taken, distance walked, calories burned etc.
Lechal shoes and insoles, that connect to a phone app via bluetooth do exactly that. All one has to do is enter their destination in the phone app and get going. While walking, the shoes slightly vibrate whenever the person is approaching a turn. The right shoe would vibrate for a right turn, and the left shoe for a left turn. There is no need to listen to the smartphone for directions. It sits in the pocket while the person walks conveniently to their destination!

Lechal was specially designed keeping blind and visually impaired people in mind. With so many other features added to it, it's become a shoe with sighted people can wear.

Lechal not only provides directions via haptic feedback but also counts steps taken, total distance walked, calories burnt etc. So a blind person, who wants to track all those metrics, doesn't really need another smart device or app - Lechal will do it for them!

Here are a couple of videos that show how Lechal footwear works.

Lechal can be preordered on the company's website. There is no information on pricing yet but other sources on the internet suggest that the shoes will be priced close to $100. The insoles would most likely cost less than that.

Lechal website

[Thanks for sharing, Abhinav and Swetha!]
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