Lab-grown embryos; 3D genome architecture; preterm outcomes
Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 11 September.


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By Ron Sandison Having autism has helped me write books, they are very detailed, they got crazy plotlines, and I am able to keep it all straight in my head and I know it’s because I am autistic. J.D. Barker J.D. Barker is an awarding-winning New York Times and international bestselling thriller wri…
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As the U.S. Congress begins to discuss federal science funding for 2025, any plans to compensate for this year’s cuts to the neuroscience program face an uphill battle. SourceSource: Spectrum News
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by Amy Potter I’m tired of being invisible. I’m not talking about my invisible disability – I am happy with that and don’t want to part with it. No, what I’m tired of is Disability itself being invisible. Even when I am working among allies, all of whom I know are dedicated to Equity, Diversi…
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By Nahoma Presberg, MS, BCBA, NYS-LBA It’s summertime! If you’re anything like me, you’re excited for a poolside lounge or trip to the beach, or you’re probably busy planning a family vacation or some time away from work. The buzz of summertime can be overwhelming. Remem…
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by Daniel Antonsson When I was a child, I never walked around and thought that I was different. I was just me and people around me never consider that I could have a diagnosis of some kind. I was a calm and proper boy that always tried to be kind to people and behave well in school. I was a little a…
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