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By Kevin Degidon Kevin is a versatile artist who works in various art forms including: • Acrylic painting • Book illustration • Sculpture • Interactive art • Installation artwork • Writing Source: The Art of Autism
15.12.2020 · From The Art of Autism
El Dolor del Ruido By Alan Robinson Duele cualquier palabra, prefiero el silencio duele el pasado, necesito el silencio duele el futuro, deseo el silencio duele toda conversación… soy el silencio.   Aturden, los oídos zumban, nubes en mi mirada celeste vientos en mis oídos subterráneos   …
17.11.2020 · From The Art of Autism
By Greg Burns My language is more than words and so is yours My language moves with the wind and turns with the earth It twinkles with the stars above and ripples with the waves My language is something you do not learn but I must learn your language I must force my mouth to form the words with teet…
07.08.2019 · From The Art of Autism