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Despite a global pandemic and lockdowns that temporarily stymied research, autism scientists made significant progress in many areas in 2020 — from improving the diversity of people represented in their research to testing the mettle of gene therapies for several autism-related conditions. Some team…
26.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
Lockdowns in 2020 slowed the pace of autism research a little, but we still published hundreds of stories this year. Some took extra time and attention. Here are our staff picks of this year’s top features, podcasts and special reports. They include what scientists told us about conducting research …
25.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
“You eat angel-food cake with blue dye in it, after a fast, and then measure the time until the blue poop arrives.” Julia Dallman, University of Miami, on her team’s use of ‘Smurf cakes’ to track digestion in children with SYNGAP1 mutations. “The ‘pig in the python’ is headed our way, with the agi…
25.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
This has been a year like no other. Our lives were upended in the first quarter as the novel coronavirus spread to every corner of the globe. Universities and health centers shuttered, and researchers and clinicians found themselves grappling with tough new questions: Can my research or clinical tri…
24.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
The post 2020 in research images appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
24.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
The store maintains that it was just following regulations. It says customers who cannot wear a mask should shop online. The post Boy with Autism and Medical Conditions Turned Away from Indigo for Refusing to Wear a Mask appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
24.12.2020 · From The Autism Site
Before Waganesh Zeleke moved to the United States in 2008 to earn her doctorate in mental health counseling, she worked as a psychologist in her home country of Ethiopia, sometimes with autistic children. Her experience supporting autistic people and their families in two countries led her to wonder…
23.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
By Joel Ashton-Fogle Duel Diagnosis No, this is not a miss-spelling! For every day is a battle; a combat between symptoms, treatments for them, side-effects of the treatments and subsequent treatments to alleviate the side-effects, leading to more side-effects and more treatments. And so it goes o…
23.12.2020 · From The Art of Autism
The Santa got onto the floor and allowed the boy to feel his beard and face. The post 6-Year-Old Blind Boy With Autism Meets Santa For The First Time appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
23.12.2020 · From The Autism Site
By Christa Holmans, Neurodivergent Rebel It was just after lunchtime as I started to feel the familiar stinging pain starting to creep in behind my eyes. It had been a few months since the company I worked for had moved into a new larger office upstairs. I’d already lost count of the migraines…
23.12.2020 · From Geek Book clubs
A drug that has been tested in clinical trials as a treatment for depression restores social memory in a mouse model of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, according to a new study. The findings hint that the drug might also be useful to treat social cognitive difficulties in people with conditions such as a…
22.12.2020 · From Spectrum News
Most of us love our siblings and would do a lot of things to help them out. Would... The post Inspired By His Brother, Man Cycles Across the Country to Raise Money for Autism Organization appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
22.12.2020 · From The Autism Site
GreaterGood will continue to donate masks to where they're needed most for as long as the pandemic persists. The post GreaterGood Has Donated More Than 2 Million Masks to Frontline Workers and Others in Need appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
22.12.2020 · From The Autism Site
By Alice Farion It’s going to be ok. I’m going to be ok. It’s just 8 hours. I’m going to be normal. But I’m not. I am faking it, I am not ok. I am not normal. Everyday, I play an act. I have been an actress my whole life. I am a researcher too. Everyday, I observe other people, list facts, organise …
21.12.2020 · From The Art of Autism
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