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Emotion control eludes more girls than boys with autism, according to a new study of young people hospitalized for psychiatric issues 1. The analysis does not account for what may be driving these differences, which are small but significant, says lead investigator Carla Mazefsky, associate professo…
09.05.2020 · From Spectrum News
We've donated medical-grade masks to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is the biggest union representing retirement home workers. Source: The Autism Site
09.05.2020 · From The Autism Site
21-year-old Declan has autism and needs full-time care, but he was forced to wait anxiously in the car while his mother shopped.Source: The Autism Site
09.05.2020 · From The Autism Site
More than half of the genes expressed in the prefrontal cortex, a brain region that is implicated in autism, begin to change their expression patterns in late fetal development, according to a new study1. Previous studies have looked at how DNA variants can influence gene expression at specific deve…
08.05.2020 · From Spectrum News
"I'm raising three boys with autism, but they are all so different."Source: The Autism Site
08.05.2020 · From The Autism Site
This month’s ASAT feature is from Marcia Questel, MSEd, BCBA. To learn more about ASAT, please visit their website at You can also sign up for ASAT’s free newsletter, Science in Autism Treatment, and like them on Facebook! My daughter’s school is closed du…
08.05.2020 · From Different Roads to Learning
The coronavirus lockdown has radically disrupted autistic people’s schedules and access to services, according to a new survey. And the disruptions may be especially difficult for women and children with the condition. The email went to participants in SPARK, a project that connects people with auti…
07.05.2020 · From Spectrum News
This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: My child is home with me. Any suggestions for home schooling? appeared first on Different Roads to Learning Blog. Source: Different Roads to Learning
07.05.2020 · From Different Roads to Learning
As more people are hospitalized with COVID-19, the healthcare system is struggling to meet the need for ventilators and critical-care beds. How should we allocate these scarce resources? How do doctors decide who lives and who dies? Are some lives more valuable than others? These questions may seem …
06.05.2020 · From Spectrum News
This young woman has a special way of looking at the world.Source: The Autism Site
06.05.2020 · From The Autism Site
How to make a scarf face mask with a large scarf or bandana. Face masks are hard to come by, and DIY face masks are a great alternative. Source: The Autism Site
06.05.2020 · From The Autism Site
By Megan Amodeo We need to do better as a society. It is unacceptable for people to still view autism as a one size fits all. We should be well past the stereotypes of autism that have often misrepresented us in the media. The old of views of autism need to be put away, discarded. As an aut…
06.05.2020 · From Geek Book clubs
Autistic people have atypical activity in a part of the brain that regulates attention, according to a new study1. The researchers measured pupil responses as a proxy for brain activity in a brain region known as the locus ceruleus. Located in the brain stem, the region plays a key role in modulatin…
05.05.2020 · From Spectrum News
Benjamin Conner, a researcher at the University of Arizona, and his team are working on developing new ways children with Cerebral Palsy can train their brains to learn effective ways to walk, ultimately allowing them to be a lot more independent as they grow older and move into adulthood. The fanny…
05.05.2020 · From Assistive Technology Blog
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