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Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 25 September. SourceSource: Spectrum News
30.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
Increasing or reducing the levels of the UBE3A gene, which is associated with autism and autism-related syndromes, results in altered patterns of synaptic pruning — a process that snips away brain cell connections. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
This month’s Going on Trial newsletter explores how eye tracking might be used beyond helping with diagnosis, among other drug development news. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
By Cory Morrison Background As someone who was diagnosed autistic at 3 and a half years old, I struggled a great deal like many of us on the spectrum have. Growing up, I felt like I didn’t have many strengths. I always needed extra help in school, I struggled to get along with many of my peers, and …
29.09.2023 · From The Art of Autism
Reposted with permission from Action Behavior Centers What are the four functions of behavior?  In the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) field, it is believed that there is always an underlying reason for all behavior. Our behavior serves a purpose, even though it may not always be clear.…
29.09.2023 · From Different Roads to Learning
Anxiety and other challenges autistic children experience may stem from an increase in social-communication issues and a decrease in repetitive behaviors from ages 6 to 11. SourceSource: Spectrum News
28.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
A thin “micro-tether” and rotating connector facilitate uninterrupted, hours-long neural population recordings as the animals freely explore their environment. SourceSource: Spectrum News
27.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
Autism researchers can’t agree on how far to go to validate the input they gather from minimally verbal autistic people who use certain communication devices. SourceSource: Spectrum News
26.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
“We are truly blessed to be James’ parents as we learn more about Autism and focus on his needs every day,” Senator Michael Webber By Ron Sandison Michigan State Senator Michael Webber and I went to high school together at Rochester Adams. We both are advocates for the autism community. While runnin…
26.09.2023 · From The Art of Autism
It’s Sunday and your beloved AT crossword puzzle is here! Dive into the world of accessibility and assistive tech with  thiscrossword! Test your knowledge of inclusive design while having fun. Sharpen your pencil and get ready to uncover the answers to these intriguing clues that celebrate the techn…
25.09.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Replique, a German digital manufacturing company, partnered with RehaMedPower, a medical supplier specializing in wheelchairs, to revolutionize wheelchair design and production using HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technology. Traditional manufacturing methods for wheelchairs involved high costs a…
25.09.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 18 September. SourceSource: Spectrum News
23.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
The underlying regional neurobiology of the conditions may differ from person to person. SourceSource: Spectrum News
23.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
Read recent Spectrum coverage about autism’s apparent rise in prevalence — and some of the potential explanations for it. SourceSource: Spectrum News
22.09.2023 · From Spectrum News
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