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The New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York City is undergoing an audit and a change in leadership following a suicide that occurred during one of its clinical trials. SourceSource: Spectrum News
01.08.2023 · From Spectrum News
This month’s Going on Trial newsletter explores how organ-on-a-chip models could smooth the transition from preclinical to clinical trials, among other drug development news. SourceSource: Spectrum News
01.08.2023 · From Spectrum News
This week on social media, researchers discussed research on sensory issues in fragile X mice, and they considered yet another study of epidurals and autism. That and more in this week’s Community Newsletter. SourceSource: Spectrum News
31.07.2023 · From Spectrum News
Your sunday AT themed crossword puzzle is here! Sharpen your mind, embrace the challenge, and unlock a world of inclusive innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned solver or a novice ready to embrace the challenge, this crossword is your gateway to unlocking a world of inclusive innovation. Happy …
31.07.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
A total of 17 studies have already been retracted or are slated for retraction over issues with participant consent. SourceSource: Spectrum News
30.07.2023 · From Spectrum News
Disabled people of color encounter significant challenges in finding accessible housing, as housing insecurity compounds their intersecting marginalizations. The majority of existing disabled housing programs predominantly serve white individuals with higher incomes, leaving Black and Latinx people …
30.07.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
The Transportation Department’s recent announcement on accessible bathrooms is a significant step in addressing long-standing complaints from disabled travelers about the challenges they face while flying. The new regulations will require single-aisle planes with a seating capacity of at least…
30.07.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Knocking down the gene that codes for the proteins normalizes the vocalizations. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.07.2023 · From Spectrum News
Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 24 July. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.07.2023 · From Spectrum News
A new resource gives an unparalleled look at how fetal placental cells attach to the uterine wall and remodel maternal blood vessels to access nutrients. SourceSource: Spectrum News
28.07.2023 · From Spectrum News
by Daniel Antonsson When I was a child, I cannot remember having much of a sleeping problem. I could relax and sleep through the night and woke up feeling well. When I became an adult, things changed for the worse and sleeping built up to a mountain of fear. Especially when there was a change in rou…
28.07.2023 · From The Art of Autism
ReBokeh, an assistive technology startup, has partnered with Johns Hopkins University’s Disability Health Research Center (JHDHRC) to create Low Vision Connect, a digital community platform. The collaboration between ReBokeh and JHDHRC aims to improve the lives of individuals with low vision b…
28.07.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
By: Nicole Gorden, M.S., BCBA, LBA During the summer break, parents and providers of children with autism may seek guidance on effective strategies to keep them engaged and occupied during this time. Fortunately, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) research provides valuable insights and evidence-bas…
28.07.2023 · From Different Roads to Learning
A speech-language pathologist by training, Wetherby has spent more than four decades developing tools to help identify and treat autism early; now her work has taken on a more personal sense of urgency. SourceSource: Spectrum News
27.07.2023 · From Spectrum News
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