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Researchers on PubPeer noted several autism papers with tortured phrases, and scientists on Twitter discussed new findings on inherited variation in developmental conditions, the link between atypical speech and self-harm, and autism prevalence. SourceSource: Spectrum News
01.05.2023 · From Spectrum News
Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 24 April. SourceSource: Spectrum News
30.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
Mice and zebrafish missing the GIGYF1 gene show social traits reminiscent of autism, though the molecular underpinnings are unclear. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
This month’s issue of the Going on Trial newsletter explores why it’s more fun to have a beer with friends than by yourself — and how that informs an ongoing clinical trial for autism. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
The paper used more than two dozen such terms, which have cropped up in thousands of published papers in recent years. SourceSource: Spectrum News
28.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
Take a look inside the newest book from Autism Partnership. Reprinted with permission from the authors. Foreward By Dr. Ron Leaf I was sure that Clinical Judgement would be my last book. It was intended to help the new generation of behaviorists learn about some of ABA’s pioneers that seem…
28.04.2023 · From Different Roads to Learning
More than 100 parents who used the drug during pregnancy claim it caused their child’s autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, although the science behind the allegations is murky. SourceSource: Spectrum News
27.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
The phase 2A trial has its detractors despite positive animal results and is being sponsored by a company that is struggling financially. SourceSource: Spectrum News
26.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
Genes exert their strongest influence on the brain in the first half of gestation — a key window for autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions. SourceSource: Spectrum News
25.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
The resignation of all the editors from two brain imaging journals caused quite a stir on social media this week, and a new 3D brain atlas turned some heads. SourceSource: Spectrum News
24.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
Zappar, a UK based company has come up with a new accessible QR code solution that will help blind and partially sighted people access product information on store shelves and in cabinets at home relatively quickly. “Accessible QR” brings a slight modification to the regular QR code that we are a…
24.04.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 17 April. SourceSource: Spectrum News
22.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
The gene, FOXP1, influences an animal’s motivation to listen to social communication, a new study suggests. SourceSource: Spectrum News
22.04.2023 · From Spectrum News
By Andrew Moodie Most people would say that I have a fairly good life, but behind the fact that I come from a loving family, get three meals a day and go to a warm bed every night, I’ve always felt like there is another side of the story that has never really been talked about that much. Now I’m twe…
22.04.2023 · From The Art of Autism
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