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Here is a roundup of autism-related news and research spotted around the web for the week of 27 November. SourceSource: Spectrum News
29.11.2023 · From Spectrum News
By Mo Myers You can do anything you set your mind to. I picked this phrase up somewhere in my childhood and it became my mantra, my code to live by. I’m sure it was some well meaning adult who first uttered it, maybe it was my mother or maybe it was a bright eyed teacher. In any case, it is a very c…
29.11.2023 · From The Art of Autism
The head of the Autism Phenome Project has deepened the pool of study participants and helped overhaul the culture of the MIND Institute. SourceSource: Spectrum News
24.11.2023 · From Spectrum News
This month’s ASAT feature comes to us from Kate McKenna, MEd, MSEd, MS, BCBA, and Kristina Gasiewski, MEd, MOTR/L, BCBA, Association for Science in Autism Treatment. To learn more about ASAT, please visit their website at You can also sign up for ASAT’s free&n…
23.11.2023 · From Different Roads to Learning
Here is a roundup of autism-related news and research spotted around the web for the week of 20 November. SourceSource: Spectrum News
22.11.2023 · From Spectrum News
By Ron Sandison  “I believe that everyone should explore the world to make their dreams come true, and if you need help along the way then ask for help and get partners who have the same passion and are willing to support your mission!” Mike DiMauro- an Autistic Advocate Mike DiMauro and I are advi…
22.11.2023 · From The Art of Autism
In 2010, Henry Evans, who became quadriplegic after a stroke-like attack, saw the PR2 robot on TV and envisioned it as a transformative tool for his life. This led to the collaboration with Georgia Tech and Willow Garage on the Robots for Humanity project, aiming to enhance independence for people w…
21.11.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Assistive technology, often overlooked in the gadget ecosystem, plays a crucial role in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. Simple devices like plastic tab openers for soda cans, though seemingly trivial to many, are vital for those with fine motor control issues. High-tech assisti…
19.11.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
By Robbie Janzen Autistic, aspie, neurodivergent On one hand, I don’t want these words to define me On the other hand, I know that they kind of do Every thought, every action, is affected By something I didn’t choose to be When I first found out, I was ecstatic I’m not uniquely screwed up, there are…
17.11.2023 · From The Art of Autism
Reposted with permission from BlueSprig A healthy child with autism often has a harder time developing self-esteem than their typical peers. They struggle to find their value and self-identity and may have a hard time understanding their own internal worth, especially when they don’t always…
17.11.2023 · From Different Roads to Learning
Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 13 November. SourceSource: Spectrum News
15.11.2023 · From Spectrum News
By Martine Mussies 7 Types of Rest for Neurodivergent People Rest is essential for everyone, but it is especially important for neurodiverse people. Non-neurotypicals are simply more likely to experience sensory overload, autistic burnout, and other challenges that can be exacerbated by a feeling of…
15.11.2023 · From The Art of Autism
We aim to deliver insights and tools to build bridges across neuroscience and propel research forward. SourceSource: Spectrum News
14.11.2023 · From Spectrum News
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