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This month’s Going on Trial newsletter explores a new tool for communicating with clinical trial participants and their families, among other drug development news. SourceSource: Spectrum News
01.11.2023 · From Spectrum News
At Westgate Leisure Centre, fitness sessions are changing the lives of young individuals with learning disabilities. Partnering with ThinkOut Community (TOC), the centre, managed by Everyone Active in collaboration with Chichester District Council, offers activities aimed at enhancing the physical a…
01.11.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
The hallmark autism trait has multiple facets, Uljarević and his colleagues have found. SourceSource: Spectrum News
31.10.2023 · From Spectrum News
Heba Jamjoum, a Jordanian sign-language interpreter, noticed the scarcity of educational content available for deaf Arab children while expecting her son six years ago. In 2022, she and her husband, Mamoun Oudah, who is hearing-impaired, initiated a project named after their kids, Tameem and Reem, t…
31.10.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 23 October. SourceSource: Spectrum News
28.10.2023 · From Spectrum News
by Daniel Antonsson There is so much good to say about recycling. First of all, it is a crucial part if we want this world to continue to be beautiful. When we hand over this world to the next generation, it is not fair to let them face a planet in such a degenerated state that it is beyond rescue. …
27.10.2023 · From The Art of Autism
By: Nicole Gorden, M.S., BCBA, LBA As a black behavior analyst, I have personally witnessed how culture and diversity profoundly impact the effectiveness of treatment for children with autism. It is crucial for us, as professionals, to recognize the role of culture and be conscious of our own bia…
26.10.2023 · From Different Roads to Learning
An autistic person and the mother of an autistic child explore partnership in the autism community. SourceSource: Spectrum News
25.10.2023 · From Spectrum News
Get ready to unlock your knowledge of assistive technology and accessibility with our thrilling crossword puzzle! Dive into a world where technology empowers, inclusion reigns supreme, and everyone has a chance to shine. From accessible gaming and Special Olympics, these clues will challenge your wi…
24.10.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Xbox is committed to making gaming accessible to everyone, including the 429 million players with disabilities. They celebrated this commitment by partnering with Special Olympics in a tournament called “Gaming for Inclusion.” This event aimed to showcase the power of inclusion through g…
24.10.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Morgan’s Wonderland, an inclusive park in San Antonio, TX, is set to undergo its largest expansion ever, with four new attractions and upgrades throughout the park. This $6 million expansion will be ready for the 2024 season. The park has welcomed 2.7 million guests from all over the world and…
22.10.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Google is introducing a range of new accessibility features and updates to improve daily tasks for people with disabilities, including identifying disabled-owned businesses, enhancing screen reader capabilities, offering accessible walking routes, providing wheelchair-accessible information, and cus…
22.10.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Sarah Sunny, a 27-year-old lawyer from India, recently made history by becoming the first deaf lawyer to argue a case in the country’s Supreme Court. Her journey began in the city of Bengaluru, where she faced initial challenges in lower courts due to a lack of sign language interpreters. Howe…
22.10.2023 · From Assistive Technology Blog
Here is a roundup of news and research spotted around the web for the week of 16 October. SourceSource: Spectrum News
21.10.2023 · From Spectrum News
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