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What is your vision for the New Year? Email and we may publish it! By Scott Lentine As I enter my next decade I aspire to achieve many new goals Seeking to develop fresh relationships along the way Before I am old and gray I hope to have many years of fulfilling work I would like…
31.12.2021 · From The Art of Autism
Like many child prodigies, Monty has blazed his own path through life and the education system. He didn't speak until the age of 4 and was diagnosed with autism when he started public school. The post This 11-Year-Old Is Starting College Next Year With A Plan To Help Kids Like Him appeared first on…
31.12.2021 · From The Autism Site
Ethan Hanson grew up obsessed with southern California sports. He daydreamed about them at school, read the sports... The post Sports Reporter Says Autism is ‘One of the Greatest Gifts a Person Can Have’ appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
31.12.2021 · From The Autism Site
It's known that having cats in a home with a child who has autism is good for the child - but is it good for the cat as well? The post Study Claims That Cats Are Less Stressed In Homes With Kids Who Have Autism appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
29.12.2021 · From The Autism Site
Getting into college is an exciting time for a teenager, and probably just as exciting for their parents.... The post Al Roker Shares Video of Son with Autism Learning He’s Been Accepted to College appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
28.12.2021 · From The Autism Site
Reflections on my experience with accessibility in an apprenticeship theatre program at Williamstown By Anton Spivack In 2009, one of my writing mentors suggested I apply for a scholarship through VSA, which every year allows two to four disabled actors to attend the Williamstown Theatre Festival Ap…
27.12.2021 · From The Art of Autism
The post Trends in autism research 2021 appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
25.12.2021 · From Spectrum News
Welcome to this month’s edition of By the Numbers. At Spectrum, we do our best to summarize the latest autism research findings. Sometimes, the best summary comes in the form of a chart or map. In this newsletter, we boil down new research that is conveyed most succinctly with data visualizations. L…
25.12.2021 · From Spectrum News
A movie review of the 1986 film Children of A Lesser God By Nils Skudra This weekend I had the opportunity to watch Children of a Lesser God, a beautiful 1986 film about a romance between a hearing teacher and a young deaf woman working at a school for the deaf and hearing-impaired. I felt that thi…
24.12.2021 · From The Art of Autism
These children will outgrow the toys they got this Christmas, but they'll never outgrow the feelings they felt when they received what are probably the only gifts they'll get this holiday season. The post GreaterGood Donates Toys to Children in Areas Hit Hard by Hurricanes and Poverty appeared firs…
24.12.2021 · From The Autism Site
"The way in which people are expected to live in both these homes is neither acceptable nor sustainable." The post Care Homes Need “Urgent Improvements” After Inspection Deems Them “Unacceptable” appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
24.12.2021 · From The Autism Site
Register for the next Spectrum webinar, featuring the co-chairs of the Lancet Commission: Catherine Lord, distinguished professor of psychiatry and education at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Tony Charman, chair of clinical child psychology at King’s College London in the United King…
23.12.2021 · From Spectrum News
Among autism’s many mysteries is its apparent rise in prevalence around the world. But how common is it, exactly? And is it really more common among children today than in generations past? This new downloadable book from Spectrum offers an in-depth guide to the various factors — perhaps chief among…
23.12.2021 · From Spectrum News
What I Felt After Being Diagnosed at 20 Potential Energy, Infinite And soft, Rolling Clear waves Of starry Blossoms. Steadily Growing Like iron On trees, Morphing Into Wavering gold By a few simple words. After My Diagnosis: A Journey My heart and my brain Now grow in unison, Thinking as one, and wo…
23.12.2021 · From The Art of Autism
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