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Oh, what an amazing year! Autistry growth in 2018 was much like that of a teenager- awkward and exhilarating, fun and a bit frightening, at times plodding and frustrating yet filled with limitless possibilities. We grew in bursts and scrambled to hire staff to work with all the new students. We …
30.12.2018 · From Autistry Studios
The purpose of the measure is to increase transparency and convenience so patients can make informed decisions more easily.Source: The Autism Site
29.12.2018 · From The Autism Site
Maybe you’ve never heard of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), or you’ve heard of them frequently but never been provided an explanation of how a BCBA differs from an ABA therapist. Here are a few things you should know: BCBAs are required to take extensive coursework in applied behavior ana…
28.12.2018 · From Different Roads to Learning
By Megan Amodeo Thirty seconds before the meltdown isn’t a lot of time. Any parent of an autistic child knows what the word meltdown means. For those of you that may not know what I’m talking about, the easiest way to describe a meltdown is a physical and emotional chaotic storm. You may think it’s …
28.12.2018 · From Geek Book clubs
Like many working adults, Ronald Pesantes starts a typical day with a lengthy commute. His journey, which he makes four days a week, involves a taxi, the subway and a bus. It takes the 26-year-old about two hours to get from his home on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, to his job in the city. “I feel I …
26.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
At Spectrum, we are proud of every story we publish — from breaking news about autism prevalence to an in-depth look at autism as a problem of prediction. But a few stories stand out — because of the shocking revelation at their core, the humanity they highlight beneath the science or simply because…
25.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
In early 2018, Spectrum asked Katie Carey to illustrate a special report on mouse models of autism. For a topic that could have been weedy and dry, Carey chose a colorful palette and created a series of illustrations that were sharp and whimsical, yet captured the scientific points beautifully. For …
25.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
This year’s list of top papers highlights new dimensions in our understanding of autism genetics and hints at novel treatments. This year, as every year, we asked autism researchers to weigh in on the most ‘notable’ papers of the past 12 months — ones that shifted their perspective on the condition …
24.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
A newly expanded database of information from people in the United Kingdom provides a detailed picture of genetic diversity. Analyses of the data could help researchers find variants that underlie complex conditions such as autism. The UK Biobank debuted in 2015 with genetic and health data from 150…
24.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
The post 2018: Year in Review appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
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Dear Readers, Can you believe it? It’s been 10 years since Spectrum — well, one version of Spectrum — launched. In that time, we’ve changed branding colors from red to purple to yellow to a true spectrum, grown from a team of 1 to 11, written and edited thousands of articles about autism research, a…
23.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
Researchers pinpointed the exact hour a heart attack was likeliest to occur.Source: The Autism Site
23.12.2018 · From The Autism Site
Even under parental supervision, jewelry used for teething or sensory stimulation for young children can be quite dangerous.Source: The Autism Site
23.12.2018 · From The Autism Site
The post Spotted around the web: Week of 17 December 2018 appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
22.12.2018 · From Spectrum News
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