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School environment:

Every serious study of noise in school finds levels which exceed the legal limits in at least 80% of cases. See:

The same percentage of teachers say they find the noise in their classrooms unbearable.
For students who are averagely sensitive to noise this is already a great impediment to learning and enjoying school, but this is much much worse for students who have a higher noise sensitivity among whom most notably those on the autism spectrum.
The crazy thing is that the architectural and interior design measures to prevent this exist and are described in the education literature. I'm amazed that not more of a point is made out of this. 

Would like to hear and share other members' experiences and observations on this topic.

Those on the spectrum find challenges with any of the sensory experiences, such as lights, noise, temperature and even to a degree not experienced by the neuro-typical - vibrations. We hope that these experiences can be mitigated for all.