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Our angel kids

Our angel kids

• “You do not teach healthy kids to learn the languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese... but kids can make it become their instinct. That is the nature of learning without learning, Kid under three years old never have to sit at a table to learn, but they learn every time with joy”


• “Nature of learning is learning without stress, learn just with joy, enthusiasm, with love, endless energy, and participate in all intelligence. The environment just supplies Unconditioned Love, Connection – Understanding, Encourage Environment, and Chances of Building Abilities.”


• “Walking, thinking, speaking native languages, studying countless skills: one-year-old kids, two-year-old kids, three-year-old kids never have to sit at the table to learn. But that time kids can learn more than anybody can imagine. Think about that before any blind intervention.”


• “Playing is learning, watching is learning, sleeping is learning, and doing are learning… Kids may experience “Flow” from the early stage of life. Kids’ most powerful tools are the weakness, beloved, cute, enthusiasm, pay attention, curiosity, asking, imagining, and learn, try, fail, think, learn, try, fail, think, learn, try, fail, think With Joy and safety. Think about that before each time of intervention."


• “Best for kids: accept we may wrong to learn to create chances for kids grow. Socrates smart because he said he did not know anything. I feel cramp of Gut feelings when seeing the parents of kids with lots of problems said they know all things and start to blame all things except themselves for their problems.”


The light at the end of the tunnel: Nick Vujicic, Hellen Keller, Franklin D. Rosevelt, Steven Hawking, Paralympic athletes are disabled.

As pharmacists, we do not dispense prescribed medication to healthy ones.


Tự kỷ, chậm nói, tăng động có chung đặc điểm là chậm nói, chậm giao tiếp. Sẽ ra sao nếu tôi bảo có thể phát hiện sớm khi trẻ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... 11, 12 tháng tuổi, trước cả khi trẻ bập bẹ nói. Đơn giản: chỉ cần nói, hát, làm trò, cười, tặc lưỡi, gugu gaga mắt đối mắt với trẻ bạn sẽ thấy. (you may not understand this because you do not live in environement using Vietnamese!)


Autism, ADHD have the same character that the kids have a low level of speaking and communicating. What if I said these can be predicted since 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8..11, 12 months old, long before the kids can speak? Just talk directly, eyes to eyes, smile, sing, making fun, gugu gaga, you will see!