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Kristine Barnett's Podcast about her son Jacob

Lori Shayew does a wonderful interview and podcast with her guest Kristine Barnett, speaking about her son Jacob, an extraordinary boy who gave a TED talk recently.

Lori offered this quote from Kristine on her Facebook post -

''Don't give up no matter how many doors close in your life. One will eventually open. Some of us have to have ten, twenty, thirty doors closed before a door opens. For some other people in life easily the doors open for them. The thing that is REALLY important to know is that as soon as you open that door and as soon as you get that opportunity and you stand up for it and you believe in it and you go for it THEN you are actually changing a perception of somebody; you are opening a door for somebody who comes after you. We can help EACH OTHER by just standing up for who we are and believing in ourselves in what we need and that is really really important. THAT is the single most important piece of advice that i could give.''

''It just seems like everybody had pre-determined this feeling for him; there he was at three years of age and we had determined in where he was going in life yet he was so small! It was really hard for me to say that ok he is three years old and i'm gonna surrender to the ceiling and that's the ceiling I'm going to set for my child.''

Here is a link to The Gifts of Autism Podcast -