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AVA - Autism Volunteer Association
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Introduce YourselfIntroduce Yourself - Tell us what brought you to AVA and a little bit about who you are and what you do, maybe where you are from.
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General DiscussionGeneral Discussion - Post something here that doesn’t fit into the other categories, such as an article about autism and education, an autism agency, a special autism-related report.
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Peer MentorsPeer Mentors - List your first name and link to a social media page like Twitter or Facebook
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Employment ResourcesEmployment Resources - List links to resources such as an informative video on interview tips, resume building, etc., an article about autism in the workplace, a company hiring a neurodiverse workforce
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Support ProfessionalsSupport Professionals - Provide links to caring individuals who work with autistics, such as vocational counselors, job coaches, mental health professionals. Let us know what state or country they reside in.
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Special Offers & AnnouncementsSpecial Offers & Announcements - Offer out a free service or a service at a greatly reduced price/introductory offer. Maybe a free Skype session offering out tips on creating a resume or a free consultation about what counseling services you offer.
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