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powerplaytherapy.com — Pediatric Occupational Therapy in New Jersey
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atlasforautism.org — Atlas Foundation for Autism, ADHD, LD and other learning differences. Atlas honors and embraces students' unique minds, spirits, and voices. Empowered communication and respect for student's passions and abilities ease them into rich social and emotional relationships and experiences.  Self-identity…
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autismlevelup.com — – Wherever you are, take the next step! - Focused on collaborating with individuals, families, and educational teams to provide person-specific, developmentally- appropriate, evidenced based educational recommendations and supports to empower autistic individuals to navigate their days.
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icare4autism.org — ICare4Autism is the leading global non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults who live with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities through research and education.
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THESOCIALCHASE.ORG — The Social Chase is a program started by Helen Taylor, a mom, to organize fun events for late teens to young adults on the spectrum and with special abilities. It is a parent support group; parents must remain with The Social Chasers during the events.  We have "Free to Be Me" events at the bowling …
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Mutations in CUL3, a leading autism gene, may disrupt the movements of neurons during development and interrupt the precise assembly of the brain, a new study suggests. Correcting this misdirection could lead to a therapy for autism in people with CUL3 mutations, the researchers say. Mutations that …
16 hours ago · From Spectrum News
Art therapy has been used for years as way to connect with individuals who think more visually or... The post How Art Therapy Can Help Children with Autism and Untreated Trauma appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
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The Navy letter cited "academic skills and developmental disorders," but Tory believes they were referring to his autism. The post Navy Retracts ROTC Scholarship Offer from Young Man on the Autism Spectrum appeared first on The Autism Site News. Source: The Autism Site
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In the ideal world, every child would have parents and other loving family members who are engaged in their education, social activities, health and wellness, and leisure time.  This engagement provides protection for the child, emotional bonding for the family, and opportunities for parents to…
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When clinicians suspect someone has autism, they often turn to screening tools — standardized questionnaires or checklists that measure autism traits. If a high score corroborates their hunch, they refer the person to a specialist for a diagnostic evaluation. These screening tools typically come wit…
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