Fever finding; neuronal cookbookery; CRISPR’d unicorns; mining 23andMe
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Babies with a family history of autism have heart rates that are unusually low and that respond aberrantly to speech sounds, according to a new study1. If the findings are confirmed in larger studies, a low heart rate might indicate heightened risk of autism, says lead investigator Katherine Perdue,…
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The post Inside Scoop from the Autism Anchors: Special report on genetics appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
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Melissa Koole isn't interested in limitations.Source: The Autism Site
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It's a fascinating question with important implications.Source: The Autism Site
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Autism is a complex condition, with a wide range of features that vary in their severity. Autism’s genetic roots are equally complex. The condition runs in families, but most of the relevant mutations identified so far arose spontaneously in the sperm or egg or after fertilization. In the past 10 ye…
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