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autismpensacola.org — Autism Pensacola is dedicated to supporting parents and professionals in Northwest Florida with the best answers regarding diagnosis, education and treatment of people with autism.
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spectrumnews.org — Spectrum—the leading source of news and expert opinion on the latest developments in autism research.
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parentsaspartners.com — Parents As Partners, a non-profit, offers you the use-it-now, research-based tools you’ve been wanting for your child. Parents are empowered to move their child’s development forward, while supporting themselves and their family. Now, you can have real hope for your child’s future and real ways to h…
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medium.com — Mission: to promote and foster an Autistic community on Medium, and to have a respectful and as-free-of-conflict as possible place for Autistics to gather and share their experiences. This is with knowing not all people know all the “rules” and terms used by various communities.
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myspectrumsuite.com — Celebrating neurodiversity through all forms of art and artistic expression. Our services include supporting worldwide artists by featuring them on our website and promoting their works; producing and providing quality and unique neurodiverse literature with a special emphasis on the autistim spectr…
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Several people have difficulty tying their shoe laces because of Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s or other disabilities. A new set of sneakers from Nike, called HyperAdapt 1.0, are self-lacing shoes that can help people with disabilities tie their own shoe laces without depending on others. Unlike …
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I think understanding that we’re ALL different and weird in different ways is really important. By Sonya Hallett Everyone’s different, in all kinds of weird and interesting ways. In recent years, I’ve been coming to better understand some of my own weirdnesses and how they impact on how I see the …
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A new technique acts as a genetic geolocator, pinpointing the precise location of active genes in the brain1. The method could reveal atypical patterns of gene expression in brain tissue from individuals with autism. Existing methods can identify active genes in tissue by sequencing messenger RNA (m…
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The post Facebook funds; trials on trial; meeting of minds appeared first on Spectrum. Source: Spectrum News
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Keri Bowers Art of Autism Co-Founder and film maker Normal Films had the opportunity to visit Shannon Penrod in the Autism Live Studio with a 3-part interview this month. Keri talks about her new film  Normal People Scare Me Too. Keri talks about The Art of Autism Nonprofit. Keri Bowers and Film P…
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