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sparkforautism.org — You hold the power to shape the future of autism research. The mission of SPARK — an online research partnership involving 50,000 individuals with autism and their families — is simple. We want to speed up research and advance understanding of autism. Help us spark better futures for all in…
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faces4autism.org — Faces 4 Autism provides autism education and support including behavior therapy, sensory therapy, special education and more in New Jersey
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thetouchpointsolution.com — Home of Buzzies -a new technology that helps people with autism, dealing with stress
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autismhousingpathways.org — Building roads to home - Creating a vision using self-determination, person-centered planning, and letters of intent
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educationandbehavior.com — A free resource for parents/caregivers, educators, and counselors. We provide academic, behavioral, and social-emotional support for children!
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Children with chronic conditions are especially vulnerable to health insurance changes in the United States, as they often rely on specialists and medications that may not be covered if they switch plans. A new study finds that these transitions can leave children and their families financially vuln…
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The ratio of boys to girls who qualify for an autism diagnosis drops to about 3-to-1 in a massive new analysis of published research1. The findings highlight the need to look out for girls with autism who may be misdiagnosed, identified late or overlooked entirely. “It gives us the firmest empirical…
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Billy was my favorite Power Ranger and I love that they chose him to be on the autism spectrum in this movie. By Brent Anderson Go, Go, Power Rangers! I saw the Power Rangers movie last weekend and I loved it. I have been a Power Rangers fan since it came out in 1993. Growing up, I watched the show …
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While more research is still needed, this fascinating method looks promising.Source: The Autism Site
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In this month’s ASAT feature, Executive Director David Celiberti, PhD, BCBA-D, offer, OPs his thoughts on expanding autism awareness once April has ended. To learn more about ASAT, please visit their website at www.asatonline.org. You can also sign up for ASAT’s free newsletter, Science in Autism Tr…
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