"For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other."

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sparkforautism.org — You hold the power to shape the future of autism research. The mission of SPARK — an online research partnership involving 50,000 individuals with autism and their families — is simple. We want to speed up research and advance understanding of autism. Help us spark better futures for all in…
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faces4autism.org — Faces 4 Autism provides autism education and support including behavior therapy, sensory therapy, special education and more in New Jersey
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thetouchpointsolution.com — Home of Buzzies -a new technology that helps people with autism, dealing with stress
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autismhousingpathways.org — Building roads to home - Creating a vision using self-determination, person-centered planning, and letters of intent
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educationandbehavior.com — A free resource for parents/caregivers, educators, and counselors. We provide academic, behavioral, and social-emotional support for children!
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Having fevers while pregnant boosts the risk of having a child with autism, according to a study of more than 95,000 women1. The link is strongest in the second trimester, when a single fever is associated with a 40 percent increase in autism risk. Three or more fevers after the first trimester trip…
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WhatIf we pushed ourselves to create change and invited others to join us to tell a new story?  By Jenny Palmiotto What is my place in this world? What is my purpose? Why Love & Autism? I recently sat down to answer this question. Tasked to write my Love & Autism story as part of o…
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The post Fathering geeks; GWAS weaknesses; Prozac protection and more appeared first on Spectrum | Autism Research News. Source: Spectrum News
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A new technique for building a ‘brain in dish’ reveals how neurons move to their proper places during fetal development — and how that process may go awry in people with a genetic condition linked to autism1. The method is a twist on a technique used to grow neurons in 3-D clusters called spheroids.…
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